side-by-side proof

that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

as predicted, i fail miserably at this outfit due to a few minor details:

  • hips
  • thighs
  • body fat
  • terrible shoes
  • household income <$2M/year

truth be told, only very thin women can pair very thin shoes with skinny jeans and a flowy top. we curvy girls gotta insert some balance, nah mean?

also: this experiment has made me completely rethink my white toothpick jeans, as well as the bonehead idea to try them on mid-winter. ugh.

  1. vinomeg said: Girl you still look great! And I’m loving that top!
  2. blogthenewblack said: I freaking love this post. You are a brave, brave gal posting a side by side!
  3. haleystumble said: I think you need to start this post with “Side by side proof that you dont have to be a toothpick to wear something a tiny girl would wear”
  4. suchacard said: wat? that outfit is great - you look hot and fit. plus she probably looks unappealing naked
  5. lifebyliz said: Duh. The only difference is that you have prettier hair, and she has a purse. (which means nothing without an iPhone-silly model)
  6. dorothypzbornak said: hottie!
  7. joannafreed said: gf you are tiny / drunk. gimme those legs asap
  8. jodilyn said: i still think you look so pretty!
  9. karli-j said: I would kill her for your body lady.
  10. ladyofleisuredc said: what? are? you? talking? about? Sheesh! What hips? Wow, people really do see themselves differently than how others see them. Lady, you rocked! this! outfit!
  11. sashayrae said: you have better hair. also you are FAR from fat. and hello I can see the muscles in your legs. yeah buddy. that is hotter than girl hating life cause she can’t experience the deliciousness that is ray’s hellburger.
  12. haygirlhay said: First off I don’t see this fat person you’re referring to…..but totes hear you on those proportions not working for non models.
  13. kimbaland said: I think you look good, guuuuurrrrrlllll.
  14. jenandginger said: sorry i can’t provide an accurate opinion minus the stairs and an oddly large black satchel for such a laid back look
  15. cattinthecity said: i love thisss
  16. shanapreferspajamas said: you look hot. and healthy. and better than the model.
  17. maggiemcg said: ok #1 you look good in that outfit. #2 that girl is a freak of nature #3 you are brave
  18. umcanyounot said: whatever, I think you look great. Clean up your room.
  19. whatyousaybabyk said: It’s hard for me to picture this without you being on the stairs… I think you look like a moooooooodel.
  20. ohheyychrissy said: well i think you look super cutie and that model ain’t got SHIT ON YOU.
  21. datebynumbers said: Girl, I’m with you.
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