The Real McCoy - “Another Night”

inspired by Rae & Steph - I was already tempted to post this yesterday and with the onslaught of amazing 90’s hits that are making the rounds right now, it only seems appropriate.

Fun Fact: my siblings and I used to jam out in the Green Monster (emerald Chrysler minivan. DBJ.) to this song. my oldest sister and I were “the girl” and my brother and middle sister were “the guy”.

yes, we dance like robots to Daft Punk and we compose harmonies in our parents’ car.

  1. haygirlhay said: it’s imperative that you find yourself a copy of 100% Dance. strike it up. best track.
  2. broners said: Great tune. I have similar stories from the 90s…my bros and I would jam out in my parent’s grey family van known affectionately as ‘the grey beast’.
  3. postgradslump said: great song. what a throwback!
  4. sashayrae said: YES! So much yes.
  5. maryanne said: In Elementary school one of my guy friends sang this song at the talent show and I was laughing as I watched him and got sent to the principal’s office. Worth it.
  6. sweetvirginiabreeze said: oh dear god i love this song. will always love it.
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